TJ got his start in the film industry in 1998 at the age of 15 when he talked his way into volunteering on the set of David Cronenberg’s Short Film “Camera.” Since then, his professional life has revolved around film production. Working his way through almost every department including lighting, grip and finally camera, where he met and assisted alongside renowned cinematographer Dean Cundey, ASC. For four years TJ spent countless hours observing, learning and being mentored by the Hollywood legend.

TJ has garnered over half a dozen awards in advertising and was featured in a number of online publications. He was also the subject of a ‘Short Takes’ profile in the September 2015 issue of American Cinematographer.

TJ’s diverse style allows him to work fluently in many different genres. From comedy and satire, to documentary, real-people and visual storytelling, TJ has the ability to recognize the potential in every style of creative.

TJ continues to expand his work and client list, has been splitting his time between Toronto and Los Angeles.