Steve Hudson began his career as a director and art director in the early 1990ʼs and worked for many prestigious agencies over the decade including BMP DDB (now DDB), BBH and AMV. Hudson quickly gained notoriety in the advertising world. His focus on visual storytelling and performance has produced spots for Leviʼs, Volkswagon, British Telecom, Canon and Guinness, among numerous others.

After being featured in Saatchiʼs Best New Directors Showcase at Cannes in 2004, he was ranked #8 in the Top 50 British Creatives of the Last Ten Years and in 2006 made the ʻBoards 20 Directorʼs to Watch list'. No stranger to the podium, Hudson has won over 30 awards for his work with 4 Cannes Golden Lions, 5 BTAA Golds, 4 Campaign Press Silvers on top of over 25 DaAD Commendations.

Hudson prides himself on his attention to detail though he admits to having never developed a personal style, preferring to do whatever is creatively appropriate to each individual job.

4 Cannes Golds
5 Cannes Silvers
2 Cannes Bronzes
3 DaAD Silvers
28 DaAD Commendations
5 BTAA Golds
6 BTAA Silvers
3 BTAA Bronzes
4 Campaign Press Silver
Cassies Bronze Award - Mountain Dew