Though we here at The Corner Store know how lucky we are to be housed in one of the greatest countries on earth, we'd like to spread the word as to why shooting in Canada is the best choice for your production.

OUR HOME AND NATIVE LAND (why shoot here, Our Talent & Casting)

With Vancouver and Toronto serving as Canada's central hubs for Canadian Production, we offer more than just beautiful locations and diverse climates. One of our strongest assets as a nation is the diversity of our people. Canadian talent offers a broad range of multicultural and multinational personalities that can accommodate any style of your production. Our range of talent can facilitate both union and non-union productions and is one of the greatest advantages that our country has to offer.


Canadian climate is just as diverse as its people. It is also a big part of what makes shooting here so amazing. If you want mountains, we've got it. Oceans, lakes, rivers and waterfalls? Check. Dense forests or open fields for as far as the eye can see? Yep, we have all of that. Are you looking for an ever-lasting tundra of snow, ice, frozen lakes or glaciers? Unfortunately yes, we have all of that too, but some of us try not to think about it.

Click on the link to search for weather history https://weatherspark.com/

We’ve been ‘in the biz’ since 2005, and our roster of award-winning Directors and Production teams have covered a almost every range of visual styles and budget sizes. Our Executive Producers Jennie Montford and Susi Patterson founded The Corner Store Films over ten years ago with one goal in mind: to create great content!


If you'd like to shoot here, we can make it happen!  Canada has become the go-to location for accommodating almost any size of production. Here at the Corner Store we can assist you with everything from budgets, foreign work applications, permits, tax waivers and accommodations and more! Our present Canadian exchange rate is extremely advantageous for the budget of your production. Let us know how much you've got and we'll get it done!

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From far and wide (Locations Pictures - coast to coast)

Our urban landscapes are also just as diverse as our natural ones. From bustling cities to quaint villages in the country, we offer a wide-rage of shooting locations that can stand-in for almost any location on earth.

Have a look at some pictures from each end of our beautiful country and everywhere in between.

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...We know, it's pretty great isn't it?