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At the tender age of 12, Ryley was disillusioned enough to think people wanted to watch videos of him and his friends skateboarding. After a good 6 months of begging and a few half-assed chores completed, Ryley’s parents gave in and bought him his first camera. After a summer of shooting sub-par teenage skateboarding, he discovered his need for some editing software which he likely acquired illegally. This basically set it off for young Ryley. He’d then spend the rest of his teens and early twenties travelling the country, shooting skateboarding and cracking jokes with his friends. After amassing a whole bunch of life experience, working odd jobs, DJ’ing bars, coaching basketball (weird, right?), Ryley committed to making his passion for film and filmmaking into a career. He went to school at SAIT and started his career as a professional filmmaker right out of the gate. I guess he impressed a few people because he worked his way up from PA to directing in a relatively short period of time and hasn’t looked back. Ryley has directed commercials of all styles for a range of brands like Honda, Mazda, Mark’s, The Government of Alberta, GM, Big Brothers & Sisters Canada, Canadian Lotteries and a whole bunch more. He currently lives in Toronto, Ontario where he’s writing a bio for himself that he hopes will make you like him.