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Ryley was shooting and editing skateboard videos with his friends at 12 years old, he remembers telling his mom when he was younger that he wanted to make car commercials.  Inspired by Spike Jonze’s work he quickly transitioned from skateboarding videos to films & commercials.  Ryley knew he eventually wanted to make the leap into more filmic type work and he hasn’t looked back since.

In the short time as a director Ryley has been transported to all areas of the world to shoot including the rooftops of Shanghai, junkyards in Sri Lanka, the streets of London, England, a mini doc in Peru, corporate work in Australia, the Vancouver coast, small towns in Nova Scotia, and “every millimetre of Alberta”.  Some of Ryley’s clients have included Honda, Toyota, GM, Western Canadian Lottery, The Alberta Government, Big Brothers & Sisters and ATB Financial.

Directing has become an extension of Ryley’s personality; his down-to-earth, accessible and honest character brings out the heart in his work. He works hard to ensure no matter what the job is, it’s always rooted in real life, in something true…no matter how absurd or outrageous the project might be. When working with clients, Ryley is highly focused and relaxed which helps bring out the best collaborations and makes everyone on set feel at ease.  In addition, Ryley’s style is precise; he plans in advance and edits in his head while shooting, this process helps move the project seamlessly from scene to scene.

He spent his formative years working in a skateboard shop with his best friends where he developed his sharp wit and sense of humour. Ryley also claims to be one of the greatest 5 pin bowlers to ever live and is apparently a very talented parallel parker? Ryley’s favourite movie is “Swingers” but that’s not very Cinematic of him so he sometimes lies and says it’s “Lawrence Of Arabia”.