Blair and Oliver were born on the same day in November. Astrologically speaking, they were fated to collaborate. After a much-beloved-but-completely-unsuccessful sandwich shop in Australia they moved to London to pursue what they do best: documenting life without the boring bits.

They’re enamoured by people, culture, far-flung places, and the challenge of interpreting it all through the eye of a camera. Novemba lovingly portray their subjects with an emotional honesty. Their work is enhanced by rich cinematography and visual flare as can be seen in films for Bose, Bacardi Western Union, Coke, The British Heart Foundation and many more.

Novemba’s work has been shortlisted at Cannes, D&AD, Campaign BIG, the YDA (also in Cannes) and many others. In 2015 they won a Webby Award for Ballantines ’Space GIF-iti’.

Blair & Oliver are currently in production on a feature length documentary centring on boxer Amir Khan and the run up to his world title fight in May. The film is due out at the end of this year.