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Michael Parenteau was born and raised in a small hippy town in the middle of nowhere. All there was to do was action sports and art. He wasn’t much of a painter, poet, or singer as a young boy so he fell into action sports. He followed his passion to be a professional athlete until he realized that big jumps, hard landings and multiple hospital visits was simply just not for him. So instead of giving up, he decided to still touch on that lifestyle but behind the camera instead... much safer!

Over the years, Michael has grown into a decorated director, producer, director of photography, and editor of a world wide theatrical Universal Pictures documentary. Best Producer, Audience Award Best Documentary, and Best Cinematography are just some of the awards that line his shelves. From films to commercials to music videos, Michael has shot both high profile people and places alike. His expansive career has taken him all over the world, allowing him the ability to pursue immersive storytelling, aerial and underwater filming. Michael has stayed true to his hard working and tenacious roots, with a goal to display creative innovation that spans far beyond the screen.