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Jonathan began his career in the arts as a very young contemporary dancer. After pursuing several notable dance institutions across Canada, he soon became professional, which allowed him to travel all over the world. At this time, he always had a camera in hand to capture the people around him, particularly during the long hours spent in rehearsals. These experiences fed into his inquisitive personality, which resulted in a thirst to capture the world around him - a world full of so many unique and beautiful people.

Jonathan’s experience and influences of movement along with the ability to capture real people in their element enriched his filmic style, which includes his stylized commercials and video shorts. His interest in capturing humanity and human nature can be seen in both his photographic and filmic works. As Jonathan continues to explore film, his fascination with capturing humanity and human nature in innovative and artistic ways grows exponentially. His filming of celebrity chefs introduced a new passion for filming food in a fun and current way.

Recently, Jonathan has worked with notable brands such as McDonald’s, Enoteca Sociale, Hero Burgers, and continues to develop his reel.

The Salvation Army "Vending Machine" - Ambient, Single Merit at the ADCC Awards 2013