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Jesse is a comedic director known for working with high profile actors, musicians and athletes. His commercial work has appeared on Creativity’s Top 20, BestAdsOnTV and more!

Jesse grew up in Toronto and went to film school at Queen’s University, he then PA’d on a slew of very, very bad television shows; where he was given dubious life-advice by Mr. T (“You’re a good looking boy, stay in school.”), karate-chopped by a strung-out starlet for mistakenly locking her in her trailer, and repeatedly asked by B, C and D-list celebrities to procure them drugs.

Wisely, Jesse learned to edit, and became a “predator” (directing, producing, and editing) for MuchMusic, where he won some awards, and cut-his-teeth working with some of the biggest names in music. Then he met a good woman and married her, had a kid, and started directing short films and commercials. In 2005, Jesse began co-writing, directing, and editing celebrity comedy segments for George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight (a Canadian late night talk show), where he directed Morgan Freeman, David Cross, Alan Alda and Dave Grohl, to name a few. In 2010, he wrote and directed Break A Leg, starring his father (actor Chuck Shamata), which premiered at New York’s MoMA and Lincoln Center for NewDirectors/ NewFilms. To celebrate, Jesse had another child.

Jesse is currently developing various film and television projects and directing commercials internationally.