Jamie Maule-Ffinch has taken on many forms in past lives: Attila the Hun, Gandhi, Barry the car mechanic from Swanage, but now he’s stuck in the body of a writer/director based in London. He’s made commercials and online content, short films, written movies as well as sitcoms and directed a sell out play. He won best comedy in the 2017 Discover Film Festival for his short ‘Morning After’. His first comedy web series ‘Tits Up’ launched in March 2018 and he’s developing a sitcom with TV director Dan Zeff starring a secret but much loved household name.

He loves to sail dinghies on the Thames on the weekend, pretend to be on MasterChef when he’s cooking, and scream loudly into the night to ward off the foxes who make uncomfortable sounding love underneath his flat.

His comedy Morning After won best comedy at the London Discover Film Festival 2017
His dark drama The Bathtub Clown won best screenplay at the London Discover Film Festival 2018
His Royal Sun Alliance films won a gold at the 2017 Cannes Dolphins
His charity documentary "Doreen" won silver at the 2013 IVCAs
His film for G.E won a DandAD Yellow pencil in 2011