"Brandon Cox is a Director” he once whispered to the ear of a passenger sitting next to him on an airplane. The passenger looked over and politely notified security. That passenger was Steven Spielberg, and that’s how restraining orders are sanctioned.

Since that encounter, Brandon has been thoughtfully fulfilling his community service hours by writing and directing commercials in Canada. He has recently completed projects with TAXI, JWT and Cundari, while continuing to build his commercial reel to display his wide-ranging skillset. Brandon has a background in Film Production, and has been producing and collaborating with Corner Store for a number of years. He previously worked in screenwriting at Sony Pictures in Los Angeles, but returned to Canada because he loves debilitating snowstorms. He has recently been writing and directing commercials which have garnered the attention of agencies throughout the city, and was voted most likely to succeed in Jr. Kindergarten. He feels like he didn't let Mrs. Marsha down.