Though the world of integrated production is fairly young, it has its more senior explorers. Anders Hallberg is one of them. Heʼs the director behind the acclaimed campaigns Dream Kitchen and Behind the Closet for Ikea, for Absolut and for Sprint.

Born in Lund, Sweden, Hallberg spent his early years being raised on a Swedish hippie commune. He kick-started his career at an early age by getting involved in his local music scene. In 1991 he began working at Apollon Bild & Film, a music video production company. By 1994 Anders was producing videos for Germanyʼs chart-topping musical acts. Since then he has made hundreds of music videos and this led to directing for TV and finally commercials. He later relocated to the US, bringing with him over a decade of experience directing award-winning European spots and music videos.

Anders is a true craftsman and a bit of a technical geek. He understands the entire chain of production and because of this, heʼs able to solve any technical challenge, making productions look fantastic while breaking new ground. Heʼs great with talent direction as well: if you donʼt believe us, go ask Common or Dustin Hoffman.

Absolut "" - Cannes Silver
Ikea "Dream Kitchen" - Cannes Bronze
Ikea "Come into the Closet" - Cannes Silver, 2 Bronze Clios, Interactive Gold and Grand, Interactive Award at New York Festivals
Sprint "" - Cannes Bronze
Ikea "Around the World in 5 Kitchens" - London International Finalist