Ancestry (Campaign)
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VW - Zombies
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TD Travel Cards - Flight (Campaign)
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Capital Group - The Courage
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Mitsubishi - Out of this World
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Mastercard - Cobieland (Campaign)
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Uber Eats - Options Fast
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Seats - Streets
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Bosch (Campaign)
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Kia - Natural Habitats (Campaign)
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CSN - We’ll Straighten It Out
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Tim Hortons - Turkey Melt (Campaign)
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Canadian Tire - Maximum
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Interac - Mystery Man
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Grace’s Epiphany
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RBC - Breaking Up (Campaign)
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SJ Swedish Railways - Paul's Journey
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Hyundai - Manifesto
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Skittles - Struck By A Rainbow - Conor Byrne
Silver & Bronze Cannes Lions 2015 Winner!